Buddha Park in Nong Khai (1)

Buddha Park in Nong Khai (1)Full name: Sala Kaeo Ku ศาลากู่แก้ว(Younger and bigger than Buddha Park Lao, 3.2 km by air across Mekhong from latter, by same artist Bunleua Sulilat บุญเหลือ สุรีรัตน์) Location of main building:17.886673, 102.781776 = 17°53’12.0″N 102°46’54.4″EAbout 600 m south of hwy 212. Buses or vans from Nong Khai หนองคาย to Phon Phisai โพนพิสัย pass. (And not much else passes. Nong Khai has the poorest choice of public transport of all provincial capitals I have been to.) Entry 20 Baht (Thai and Farang same price).Parking and some unfinished giant statues:   Rahu ราหู with full body (usually statues

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