WOP: 7-Eleven shops

Words of praise: 7-Eleven shopsCorrect name is 7-Eleven (which I shall use from now on; from their original opening times: 7:00-23:00, 7 days per week), but now open 24/7.When I saw this one recently opened (11280 เย็นอากาศ 1 = 11280 Yen Agat Soi 1), I thought it must be the newest:Until I came across 11374 Ladprao Soi 112 (eastern side, half way to Ramkhamhaeng 53). But http://corp.7-eleven.com/corp/international-licensing says there were 8,469 in Thailand  on August 18, 2015. Family Mart has around 1,116 stores in Thailand: http://bangkok.coconuts.co/2016/10/05/familymart-expand-quantity-will-reach-2000-stores-5-years Where was the first? I don’t know, but 0078 near Chokchai 4 on northern side

You can read full article here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2016/10/wop-7-eleven-shops.html

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