History – Rent Boys – UK 1885-1957 – Part 1

Jonathan Coleman University of Kentucky, jonathan.coleman@uky.edu   ABSTRACT OF DISSERTATION RENT: SAME-SEX PROSTITUTION IN MODERN BRITAIN, 1885-1957 Rent: Same-Sex Prostitution in Modern Britain, 1885-1957 chronicles the concept of “rent boys” and the men who purchased their services. This dissertation demonstrates how queer identity in Britain, until contemporary times, was largely regulated by class, in which middle-and-upper-class queer men often perceived of working-class bodies as fetishized consumer goods. The “rent boy” was an upper-class queer fantasy, and workingclass men sometimes used this fantasy for their own agenda while others intentionally dismantled the “rent boy” trope, refusing to submit to upper-class

You can read full article here: https://gay-guide-asia-and-cambodia.com/2016/09/14/history-rent-boys-uk-1885-1957-part-1/

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