Busted by a Locomotive Crew

A few years ago, I had only been dating my Hong Kong boyfriend for a few weeks and had to pick him up from work and drop him home. We both had errections as soon as we saw each other. My house was too far away and he lives with other people, so we went to a really dark road by the river, which is also next to a train line on the outskirts of the city. We parked, took off our t-shirts and started sucking each other off. The train line was right in front of us and we could see a freight train coming slowly in the distance but we weren’t worried about that as it would just pass on by.

Diesel Freight Train

Diesel Freight Train

As it approached the lights of the train slowly got brighter and brighter until it was almost day light around us. We just waited, as we were thinking it would just pass on by but suddenly it stopped right in front of us. We looked up and could see the locomotive crew looking directly down on the car and they could easily see us and we could easily see them. The freight train was parked right in front of us for about 5 minutes, we were frozen and didn’t know what to do… just drive off or stay. We both got out our smart phones and made out we were checking in on FaceBook. After what seemed like forever they blasted their horn, which scared the fucks out of us, waved and off they went and we got on with sucking each other off. It took ages to cum as we were a bit shocked by it all. As it turned out there was a red signal right where we had parked as it was on the edge of the yard limits and they had to wait for a passenger train crossing the main line.

If you ever have gay sex next to a railway line, make sure that you don’t park next to a signal lol.

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