Classic Boys and X-Size April 2016


Classic Boys and X-Size April 2016
Sunday 10.04.2016
Classic Boys 20:48-21:58. We are a party of three, when doorman invites us I ask in Thai “Can we get in for 250 Baht each?” which is immediately accepted (he says he remembers me). (But compare same situation a year ago, when our offer of 250 was countered with 300 and required discussion with superior.)
When we enter, 1 customer and 12 boys in individual white briefs and closed shoes. Few tattoos and mostly pale skin. Music, light, temperature ok. In total 2 other Farang and at least 5 Asian customers during our stay (but probably many more during show). At least 12 fully dressed staff. Number of boys increases, maximum 20 boys on stage. Out of the about 25 boys I have seen, 20 I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and 5 I might take for free; didn’t spend any further thought on them after leaving the bar. Show is 22:30.
When staff asks me which boy I want, I inquire about prices: off fee 600, short time (3 hours) 2000, over night 3000. Wishful thinking? When they asks me again, I reply “too expensive” – “Same everywhere in the soi”.
Use of mobile phone is prohibited, when I wrote down notes on my phone, staff made signs to switch it off, had to go to toilet to take notes.
X-Size 23:02-23:15 My suggestion of 250 is accepted after quick confirmation with superior. When we enter, 3 customers and over 25 boys in individual red briefs and trunks. Staff tells us they have boys from Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Burma, Vietnam. Music, light, temperature ok. No pineapple juice or Leo beer available.
Bar fills up for the show, about 30 boys on stage and over 15 customers, mainly Asian. 22:38 stage empties and 22:40 show starts with several acts (the usual stuff, two boys on stage) with full nudity, erect cock in condom and base of shaft constricted. Afterwards 6 boys roam audience for tips and 23:04 display of boys continues. Ample smoking and I could smell it during the show.
Prices: off fee 500, short time 1500, long time 2500.
Upon leaving, I tip two boys I know from before 100 Baht each. Spotted several boys I would take for free, and might even off #2 or #20.
It seems prices are as negotiable as on Patpong night market! Numbers you get might vary whom you ask and how they seize you up. And we really would have walked away and gone home if they hadn’t agreed immediately.
Staff in all bars now wear shirts with flower prints for Songkran.
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