Gay activities Feb 2016


Gay activities Feb 2016



Details about Dating Thai boys, 39 underground sauna, gboysiam.


WARNING! This post contains pedophile jokes. All people mentioned in this post were 18 years or older when I met them.



Tuesday 02.02.2016


A boy TarT (there will be a TarA later) from hornet comes to my room. With some difficulty: I sent him location and address in Thai, however he went to another 7/11, then his battery was empty so he had to return home to charge his battery and contact me again, and then met at the right spot. In bed so-so, but there is potential, meet again some time.



Thursday 04.02.2016


Appointment with Bos Vipa 16, no show.



Friday 05.02.2016


There is a profile on hornet by a boy who works massage near On Nut BTS and has an awesome body. Have lunch in the area (On Nut) and contact him on Line. Quick reply and even speaks English. Go to his massage place for one hour oil massage (300 THB and 300 THB tip), professional massage but in parts too strong. No indecent touching. I got his Line from his hornet, so cannot know that I am gay and know his hornet profile (but might be wondering how I got his Line).



In the evening chat on Line with Wut Hua Lampong, offer 500 THB for short time, he wants 1000. We settle on seafood dinner in the area, he will bring friends. Great value for money, 920 THB to feed all four of us! By now, in the course of one year, I have spent several thousand Baht and many hours on this boy, he knows what I want, I have to bring this to a happy ending soon.



Seed 23:24-00:18. Nude day, but everyone in underwear or towel. About 15-20 customers, 2 border cases. In a moment when there is light switched on, I see that staff actually lives in the former gym! Play on internet. The good thing about Seed is that if there is nothing interesting, you can play an hour on the internet and then check again.



Farose 2, stay 00:39-02:46. About 50 customers, 3 look fine. One shows interest in the disco, but is reluctant when we pass on the floor with the private rooms. Anyway, he had a small (5 ml ?) brown glass bottle which he sniffed often, and I could smell what was more fusel oil (lower aliphatic alcohols) than poppers (lower aliphatic nitrites), and that was a total turn off for me. Probably decomposed poppers in that bottle. Disgusting!



Saturday 06.02.2016


There have been adverts for sex parties in Pinklao area on gboysiam throughout 2015 (but couldn’t find anything recent Mar 2016, partial screenshot below from 2015).
My translation: This Saturday I am arranging a group sex party in my room in Pinklao area. I am looking for tops, bottoms and everything else to participate. No fat people and no bullshitters. Horny for cock, big cock, fucking, cumming. Several rounds, interested call (phone number). Number of participants limited. There is an entry fee (not stated how much). If interested, confirm now before booked out.
Some pictures look promising. 


(As these pictures could easily be misunderstood as pornography, I will remove them in some days. The interested reader might wish to save a copy of this post.)

Now I have other business in the area that can be combined and finally take time and contact on Line.



A participation fee of 600 Baht is mentioned, but I’m happy to pay that if it’s anywhere close to what the pictures promise. Finally arrive, after some difficulties with location and directions, at 2:09 pm for the 1 pm round (over 1 hour late, can happen even to me, but I didn’t miss anything).



A normal room where someone lives and invites friends. There are three Thai and me. One fat man (I can only guess from the absence of boobs, didn’t see dick for pubic hair) is lying on the bed and getting massaged by a woman (?). Another one is in underwear. I take off my clothes and after some general chat (out of politeness, the second the door opened I realized there is nothing for me), I make an excuse and leave after having spent about 15 minutes with them. None of us mentioned the 600 Baht participation fee again.
I shared more about gboysiam here: and links therein, after dabbling for 5 years, this is the first encounter. 



Sightseeing in the area rest of the afternoon.



Phoenix sauna 19:27-20:45. Estimated 10 customers when I enter; 17 lockers occupied when I leave. 3 of them worth a second look.



Saranrom 21:11-22:10. Count 14 boys.



Sunday 07.02.2016


Message various boys but can’t get any of them to come to my room, second day already.



Taxi to Thanon Chan, the spot where I met the cute boy Fluk last month. What a luck, he is there again with up to 10 other boys! Now I have to lead conversation and change location so I can get close to Fluk and create an opportunity where it would be natural to ask for his Line, and indeed I succeed to do all that and get his Line! (Update end March: after some chat on Line during the first days, it become quiet, and I don’t know how to take this further!). Say goodbye and take mocy and BTS to Saphan Khwai.



39 underground sauna 17:05-47. About 100 customers, some bordercase my type.



Pahon Theater 17:53-16:04. Estimated 50-100 customers. Normal movie playing. Toilets well lit, clean and maintained.



After two days trying to get boy to come to my room and visiting saunas without success, try The Bridge Massage (former The Nine).





Have been today. “The Bridge Massage”. BTS Saphan Kwai, take the north-west most stairs, U-turn and enter soi after about 20 meter.



Manager speaks English and was the cutest of those present, but has to stay at reception. About 5 boys in person, and a few more on pad. Border cases, but chose one. Pleasant surprise: starts nude, good massage, good erotic, willing and able.



Basic but clean and well lit. 1 hour oil 450, 90 min 600. No minimum tip specified. They have professionally printed business cards, they keep them at reception in the drawer, I had to specifically ask for the card (out of the blue, didn’t know if they have some).






Mon 08.02.2016


Have appointment with Top Suk62, he doesn’t come.



Tue 09.02.2016 Bangkok


Have appointment with Burmese boy from Klong Toey, he doesn’t come.



Tuesday 09.02.2016 Nakon Sawan


There is enough to see in Nakon Sawan to justify a second trip (first was in 2015), and meet a boy Win I met first in Farose 2. Win comes by his own car (!) to pick me up at railway station and brings his brother. That was not my plan, I had hoped for a romantic encounter in my hotel room. After some chat and dinner we say goodbye and they return to Chum Saeng for the night, I stay alone in my room. Make appointment for following day 10 am to go for sightseeing together by car.



Wednesday 10.02.2016 Nakon Sawan


Message him 9 am: he will be free 1 pm. But my alternative plan is doing all sightseeing on my own (bus, hitchhiking, walking), which I do. Meet again at night. Once again, he brings his brother along and we go to Chinese New Year Festival in town. Get lost in the course, which allows me to return via the park, where I spot 3 men obviously cruising on the island 22:00-05, poor light.



Then re-establish contact on Line and meet in my room. Both boys stay over night in my double bed, no objections from staff (we didn’t ask).



Thursday 11.02.2016


Upon waking up it gets interesting: Win’s brother is gay, too, and I get into a threesome (it’s more like Win fucking me and his brother watching and wanking). His brother might as well be his boyfriend (they have no similarity, same mother and different father), but I’m not complaining!



Spend the afternoon sightseeing and give him 1000 Baht for petrol, he must have driven around 200 km (Chum Saeng – Nakon Sawan about 50 km, two return trips) to meet me. Will see him again, and invite him for sightseeing in neighboring provinces (he drives, I pay for everything, just have to make sure he really has time unlike on Wednesday).



Train to Sawan Khalok in Sukhothai province. On 27.09.2013 I offed a boy from Mic My Boy (now Power Boys) in Pattaya who is from Sukhothai and whom I would like to meet again. Showed picture to staff at Power Boys last year already: they don’t recognize him. Now that I am in Sukhothai province there might be a chance to meet him. Call him: number not assigned.



Friday 12.02.2016 Phrae


On my last visit to Phrae, I found an interesting profile and had some chat. A boy who writes full sentences of correct Thai, no stickers, that’s rare! Furthermore none of the “miss you”, “do you have boyfriend” shit, just “message me again a day before you come here”. Space-time coordination ok, too.



The picture on Line looked different than the pictures in hornet, but I thought that might be different angle. Now in real life, the boy I met is not so much my type. I open his hornet profile to compare and without prompting he tells me he used pictures of his 14 year old brother for his hornet profile. He can’t use his own pictures because he has many friends. (And what about his brother?)



Couldn’t make this up!



Nonetheless, we have a chat and he drives me around Phrae town. I tell him he is not so much my type and there will be nothing more. He holds my hand and parks his car in a quiet spot and asks if he can see my dick. I do not object, so he opens my zipper and pulls down my underwear to have a look and a grope, all while some cars and mocy are passing on the road!



Does he have no sense of decency and no shame?



Later it appears to me that I’m the one with no sense of decency and no shame.



Saturday 13.02.2016


At Den Chai railway station, waiting for my train to Bangkok, I spot a group of boys. One of them chats me up, and there is a cute one among them. Get the cute one’s Line and minutes later train is arriving.



Sunday 14.02.2016


Boy Pong whom I have had many times comes to my room. Now lives in Minburi, takes him 2h to come here (Sathorn). Cute face, great body, nice dick, balls and ass, but lazy and unskilled in bed. Once again I wonder if I should see him again.



Seed 23:25-01:28. About 15 customers, 2 cute. This time invite a Thai friend (gay but not my type), he has a good time, but nothing for me.



Farose 01:54-02:51 with same friend. About 50 to 100 customers, 3 cute, but no activity for me.



Wednesday 17.02.2016


Top Suk 62 is still in Ayutthaya, makes drama on Line (will report separately).



Chat up cute boy who sells cashew nuts at TITF#18 (18th Thai International Travel Fair) in Queen Sirikit Center, give him my name card, no call.



My annual visit to DJ Station 23:49 to 00:15. No signs of show (their website says daily show, and years ago I got into the show (23:30-00:00 ?) which I have no interest in). Over 100 customers in DJ, some other bars in the soi single number. I didn’t notice before: 3rd floor bar is gone, wall with door and room behind it. Walk around Silom and Surwanong and return to DJ 01:08 to 01:28. Ground and 2nd floor quite full, but nothing for me. Music level and style bearable.



Thursday 18.02.


Walking around in Chinatown, I pass 22 June roundabout (park where locals exercise). A cute boy says hello to me and tells me Top is over there. I know two boys Top, so it took a bit until the Baht dropped: Top is the German speaking boy from Saranrom, and the boy who said hello is Boss from Uttaradit, the one I grouped while he was sleeping.



Boss offers me a ride to Hua Lampong with his car. I should have asked him to come to my room for a wank (but I have never seen him in Saranrom and don’t know if he knows how I met Top), or at least ask for his phone number or Line. From Nakon Nayok trip I know he has big cock and hair on balls, worth pursuing.



Walk around Hua Lampong (first time after the escaped robbery), nothing interesting. Update Mar 2016: My friend from Austria who goes often when he is in Bangkok for holiday says there has been a constant decline (in number of boys who hang out there and are available for sexual activities if you know how to approach them) over the year, now barely worth going.



Friday 19.02.2016


When I was new to Thailand, I read on the internet: “Pedophile arrested for fiddling with neighborhood boys” and thought: that’s what I want! (Fiddle with neighborhood boys, not getting arrested!).



On my way home, pass a boy Yoi I have been preying on for almost two years. After some general chat with him and his friend (fatty), we get to the subject of wanking. I offer him 500 Baht and show him the note. On the sight of the note, both get excited and Yoi offers to call a friend who would be interested. But I tell him I want him, and with prompting from fatty he agrees.



All the way to my room excited chatting between the two about the money. For a 15-year-old, 500 Baht is a lot of money! And multiple confirmations: only wanking, no fucking, fatty waits outside.



On the door to road I miss the chance to tell fatty to wait there, and on the door from floor to my room I miss the second chance to tell fatty to wait outside, so finally I have both boys in my room. I would have guessed that Yoi does not want to do anything in presence of fatty, but I was wrong: fatty sits on the floor and watches straight porn on my TV + DVD player, while I’m in bed with Yoi, both of us naked and partially covered by duvet.



I have a great time, Yoi doesn’t get hard but a promising 4 inch limp. Will see him again! Next time have to put some Thai sweets on the table, so they don’t eat the chocolate and cookies I brought from Germany. The boys leave elated about this financial windfall.



Sake 00:55 to 02:25. Details will be posted separately.



Saranrom 02:55 to 03:47, only north, west and south of street trade area. Total 16 boys, and it looked promising! (But far too late, only after disco I can go that late.) One boy chats me up and speaks good English. Looks ok, but when he lifts his shirt to scratch his abdomen I see he is too fat for my taste. Give him and his friends 100 Baht each for Happy New Year. (Thus, in the improbable case we meet again and they ask for money, I can say: next year!)



Saturday 20.02.2016


Stroll soi Twilight with a friend H from Austria. He has been in Silom Soi 6 bars recently and reports: nothing interesting.



Around midnight, reluctantly go to Silom Soi 4 to meet a Thai friend who has been asking me on Line to come to see him; but just say hello and then leave (as I said before, it’s too noisy and too crowded without cute boys, and cigarette smoking).



Two Filipino boys chat me up in Soi 4, one looks fine and the other one flirts with me. They ask where to go next, I invite them to come with me to Farose 2 sauna (but make it clear we will separate there, and give them direction how to return).



Farose 2, stay 00:53-03:25, no activity for me.



Seed 03:33-04:29, about 20 customers, no activity for me, play on internet.



Sunday 21.02.2016


Invite the boy TarT (from 02.02.2016) to come to my room. Hug and cuddle in bed; he fulfills my criteria but I don’t feel like having sex with him, I don’t know why. Maybe I like straight boys or drama, as soon as I have reached a point where I can message someone and he comes within reasonable time, it gets boring?



Swimming pool at Ramkhamhaeng university 18:12-19:28.



Seed 20:30-21:47, about 10 customers throughout. The receptionist with whom I had foreplay behind the counter last month refuses to hug me and says he has a boyfriend already, now I can finally cross him off my list of potential future sexual partners.



Farose 2, stay 22:12-23:48. About 50 customers throughout. 22:50-23:20 sit in entrance hall and read (nothing else to do, there is a sofa, good light, no noise) and count 15 customers entering and none leaving.



Monday 22.02.2016


By chance meet An and other boy I know from Saranrom at Saphan Phut pier, they live on the pier (boats don’t stop there any more) with some adult relatives (?), and sniff glue already in the afternoon.



MachoX sauna in Pinklao, details were posted separately. Get Line from Pun.



Wednesday 24.02.2016


Muffil Ladprao Soi 113. Stay 22:29-23:03. Entry 120. About 10 customers throughout, in individual underwear. Condom and lube on request at reception. No food. Free hot and cold drinking water, other beverage at bar for pay. Jacuzzi dry. Dark room / labyrinth closed. Inquire about their army night (Muffil and Macho every Wednesday from 20.02.2016): there is show 22:00-22:30 (but I didn’t see anything when I entered, anyway customer number do not indicate that something special was going on).



Thursday 25.02.2016


TarA from hornet comes to my room. Have a good time, 200 for travel expenses (bus and mocy), will see again!



Friday 26.02.2016


The Burmese boy from Klong Toey wants to go swimming with me. I told him he can invite friends (one of his friends is gorgeous), but today it will be just us two. He does not remember the way to my room, so I go to pick him up at his workplace, then ask to see his room. Not that bad, I have seen much worse.



Take bus to my room, then go swimming in pool at Malaysia hotel (the closest I know). I swim in swimwear, he goes in the water shirtless, but with trousers (and I can see waistband from boxers), without taking shower before. We spend about half an hour in the pool, then one of the staff reprimands him to take off his trousers or get out.



We return to my room, I try to get him to take off his wet clothes, but he doesn’t want to. If he wasn’t playing with his phone, I could at least hug him! Take him to bus stop and give him 100 Baht for return. He initially refuses, but as I don’t take the money back he has to keep it.



Dinner with Pun (boy from MachoX sauna) and his friends (from his workplace, and his boss ?) at Major Ratchayothin 22:05-00:35. Details separately.



Cruising sauna stay 00:45-01:05. Entry 100 Baht after 10 pm, 130 Baht before. 3 other customers. One cute staff. Sauna, steam room, karaoke switched off. Small towels of good quality in front of shower, you are not allowed to take them to other floors. Cat in locker room and reception area. Condom 49 mm and lube provided. Activity calendar for January posted near reception, but none for Feb or Mar, staff advised me to add them on Line cs-djv for updates on activities. Open Sun-Thu 16-2, Fri-Sat 16-5. Mon/Thu underwear, Sun/Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat naked. Sat Coyote Dance @ Cruising. Free water and coke; other drinks for pay at reception.



Seed stay 01:24-44. About 15 customers. Participate in some hanky panky in the dark room.



Farose 2, stay 02:07-03:11. About 50 customers, 3 bordercase.



Saturday 27.02.2016


39 underground stay 17:14-19:13. Entry 160 Baht. Over 50 customers, some other Farang. Condoms and lube available at bar. Orgies in dark room. Follow a customer with great body but pale skin into steam room (in low light, skin temperature not important) and have a wank while groping him. Afterwards he sucks me and is so skilled, makes me cum again! Then spend some time following a cute boy in grey 2(x)ist underwear is not interested, but no clear rejection.



Spot a cute boy in “I’m fine” massage. Go for 1 hour foot massage and get the cute boy assigned to me! Now armed with name and previous experience, I will request him for oil massage next time (if/when) I go again. Tao from Tak province. 200 for massage place and 200 tip. (I don’t remember clearly, but it might be a boy Tao I saw in Silom Soi 6 massage place over a year ago.)



Be-High check 22:25: nobody in! But lady who sat outside follows me and tells me all boys are offed. There are 6 boys working today and they should be back in 30 minutes. Check again 23:05, one boy.



Staxx Karaoke stay 22:32-23:03 after spotting a cute boy outside smoking (although smoking is not a good start). About 10 customers. Music (karaoke) level ok. Toilet modern and clean. Invite the cute boy Lee for a drink and have chat in Thai. He doesn’t go there every day, anyway I wouldn’t come back to off him, but get his Line instead. 300 Baht for 2 drinks and 100 tip for the boy.



That’s 800 Baht spent in massage and karaoke just for setting the stage for more.



Sunday 28.02.2016


Have appointment with Boss Vipa16 near his place, and bring a Farang friend who is interested. We are at the meeting point, call the boy: he is on the way. Half an hour later call him again: He cannot come, is with his mother on the way to his grandmother in Bang Na to pick up important documents.



I always plan accordingly, go to nearby night markets with Farang friend.



Seed 00:03-53. About 15 customers, 2 cute. Spend most of the time on the internet.



Monday 29.02.2016


Message or call 6 boys to get one to come to my room: Pun out with friends; Bom free but when going into details (after delay) still working?; Can’t reach Lee; Top Suk 62 still in Ayutthaya (was supposed to be back three days ago, messages in between read but no answer, has no money to come to Bangkok, in three weeks I have another time window where I will go to see him if he is still there); Boss Vipa 16 is sleeping (not any more when I called him and he picked up, but didn’t ask him to come to my room, wish him good night); TarA is going to bed soon.

Update April on TarA and TarT: I have been messaging TarA twice per week, quick reply but not free or it’s too dark to go out (!). Have to ask if he is still interested or not. TarT has been messaging me twice per month, but I tell him I’m not free because Im not interested. In a suitable moment, I will tell him I’m not interested.





15 Sauna visits: Seed, Farose 2, Phoenix, 39 underground, Farose 2, Seed, Seed, Farose 2, MachoX, Muffil, Cruising, Seed, Farose 2, 39 underground, Seed.


4 Boys from hornet: TarT, Keng, Adam Phrae, TarA.


3 Massage Keng (no sex), The Bridge (sex), I’m fine (no sex).


4 No-show Boss Vipa 16, Top Suk 62, Burmese boy from Klong Toey, Boss Vipa 16.


2 Saranrom.


2 Disco Sake, DJ station.


2 Dinner no sex Wut Hua Lampong 920, Pun 1000.


2 Swimming pool Ramkhamhaeng university, Malaysia hotel.


1 Karaoke Staxx.


1 Gayboysiam.


1 Sex cinema Pahon Theater.



4 free sex TarT, Win Nakon Sawan, TarA, 39 underground.


3 paid sex Pong 1100, Yoi 500, massage boy 1000, total 2600 THB.

The reader will have noticed that the gay activities reports become later and later. Processing takes that long! But it allows me to see some trends that are not apparent immediately and deserve a separate post.



Copyright 2016 ChristianPFC


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