Visiting the aircraft graveyard of Bangkok

Visiting the aircraft graveyard of Bangkok

In an unassuming suburb of Bangkok is an empty lot that has become small airplane graveyard. I have been meaning to visit this site on my last few visits to Bangkok and I finally got my chance when a friend organised a trip.

Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

The highlight of the this aircraft boneyard is a 747 which is broken up into several parts. Even now I still marvel at the size of a 747 so to see one up close and broken up is a fascinating experience if you are an avgeek.

747 cross section

The cargo hold is now a hold for scrap items, such as this stack of overhead bins.

Overhead bins

The main cabin is filled with broken down window panels but there were no seats left by now.

Interior parts

I loved this old cabin decoration which style appears to be from the 1970’s. The aircraft as usually broken up for their metal scrap, but I am sure these panels would fetch a fair price a bric-a-brac collectables shop.

Old Thai cabin design

Climb up to the top level and you are now in first class. Here is the view of the yard from the top.

View from inside

Also on the top level is the cockpit. I’m always amazed by how pilots and flight engineers can remember what all of these controls do.

Cockpit knobs

The cockpit has been gutted out by now so there is no sitting in a seat pretending you are flying here. In fact don’t sit anywhere as you will be covered in dust and grime.

In the cockpit

Have you ever wanted to see what happens when you step on the “No Step” part of the wing? Here is your chance.

No Step

This plane is definitely not going anywhere.

Broken tail

The yard is home to three families who have taken refuge in the fuselage of the 747 near the entrance. Someone will ask for a donation to enter the property when you arrive, and for their privacy don’t go into the the part that has been made into their home.

To prepare for your visit wear shoes as there is climbing involved and bits of loose metal on the ground. Also wear clothes appropriate for urban exploring.

Fuselage housing

How to get to the airplane graveyard

The airplane graveyard is northeast of central Bangkok. It’s about halfway between the two airports which must be inconvenient for the transport company that delivered them. For casual visitors to Bangkok it’s also inconvenient, being far from any useful public transport.

The simplest way to get there is a train and taxi combo. Catch the Airport Rail Link to Ramkhamhaeng Station. At the station go outside to Ramkhamhaeng Road and get a northbound taxi to Ramkhamhaeng Road Soi 101. The taxi should cost about 80 Baht. You could also just get a taxi but I prefer getting a train if it means avoiding sitting in traffic.

It would be best to save this map on your phone to help the taxi driver.

Map of the airplane graveyard.

The property is after Soi 101 and before a canal, and you can see the aircraft clearly from the road.

Road entrance

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