What Percentage of Males are Gay? More than you think…

I’ve always been fascinated by “What Percentage of Males are Gay?” and have never been able to find a definitive answer. If you look at most surveys worldwide its in the range from 1 to 6% however it would vary greatly depending on how the survey was conducted. Plenty of people still feel pressured to hide their sexual orientation will simply not admit they are gay or bi even if it was an anonymous survey. I have always estimated it to be around 10% and some researchers estimate as much as 20% of people are attracted to the same sex, with the percentage of bisexuals being much higher.

Both my 2 long term boyfriends in Thailand had girlfriends when I met them and both got married after we broke up LOL! But we did have an excellent loving gay relationship over many years with heaps of regular gay sex.

Kinsey researched sexuality and developed a Heterosexual / Homosexual scale to help evaluate and understand sexual preference. This scale used a person’s experiences and reactions and applied them to a scale as follows:

Group Sexual Experience or Attraction
0 Exclusively heterosexual
1 Predominantly heterosexual (incidental homosexual experiences or attraction)
2 Predominantly heterosexual (but with some homosexual experiences or attraction)
3 Equal homosexual and heterosexual experiences or attraction
4 Predominantly homosexual (but with some heterosexual experiences or attraction)
5 Predominantly homosexual (incidental heterosexual experiences or attraction)
6 Exclusively homosexual

Kinsey’s studies revealed that most people fall into the bisexual categories 1 to 5 with only minority in the exclusively heterosexual or homosexual groups 0 or 6.

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