Dating Thai boys: Attention deficit hyperactivity boy


Dating Thai boys: Attention deficit hyperactivity boy
Here some selected Line chats with attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome boy (ADHS-boy) to show what short attention span he has. The only way to get him is when he wants to come and is ready to hop in a taxi or bus. All longer planning will fail.
7:43   ADHS-boy    Where are you now ?
7:43   ADHS-boy    Now i going to BKK
7:44   ADHS-boy    i will go to khao san with you 
U want to go with me for tonight B ?
8:05   Christian       In Saigon. Back 13 Jan.
19:23 ADHS-boy    Where are you now ?
19:31 Christian       Saigon Vietnam
19:44 ADHS-boy    Ohmm ok 
19:50 ADHS-boy    Heyy what time you come BK to room ? Next time i will go to room U
19:51 Christian       13 Jan
19:55 ADHS-boy    – – ok
21:53 ADHS-boy    Hello
21:53 ADHS-boy    Where are you now
21:53 Christian       Good evening
21:53 Christian       In Hanoi, Vietnam. And you?
21:54 ADHS-boy    ?
21:54 ADHS-boy    In thailand now haha
21:54 ADHS-boy    [Sticker]
22:20 ADHS-boy    Miss
22:21 Christian       Miss you too.
22:23 ADHS-boy    What are you doing
22:48 Christian       Packing for flight tomorrow.
23:02 ADHS-boy    Okk
24:35 ADHS-boy    Goodnight
18:00 ADHS-boy    Hello
18:00 ADHS-boy    Where r u
18:00 ADHS-boy    Now
18:49 Christian       Bangkok Ladprao
18:59 ADHS-boy    What time you come to room
19:00 Christian       23 or midnight. Go buy fruit on Klong Toey market 22-23
19:00 ADHS-boy    Okk see you 00.00
20:37 ADHS-boy    Heyy i going to room u now by Bus ?
20:38 Christian       I will be back morning l midnight
20:39 ADHS-boy    Oh my god
20:39 ADHS-boy    [Sticker]
20:58 Christian       Ladprao now, then go to Klong Toey buy fruit.
20:58 ADHS-boy    You not go to room ?
20:59 Christian       After market I go home
21:00 ADHS-boy    Ok you at home you chat take me ok
21:02 Christian       Yes
21:03 ADHS-boy    [Sticker]
21:24 ADHS-boy    On BTS now
21:24 Christian       I’m on bus.
21:25 ADHS-boy    Bts Chit Lom now
21:25 ADHS-boy    Go to room u
21:47 ADHS-boy    Where r u ?
21:51 Christian       Wait for MRT, go to Klong Toey market.
21:53 ADHS-boy    I’m on 
22:01 ADHS-boy    Satronu now
22:10 ADHS-boy    Hello
22:13 Christian       I’m at Klong Toey market.
22:15 ADHS-boy    Come now TT
22:15 ADHS-boy    I’m hot at door room U
(The weeks after we first met I would have rushed back to my room as soon as I realize he is really on the way, not any more.)
22:21 Christian       At market, back in 1 hour.
22:31 ADHS-boy    In 7 Now (7/11 near my place)
22:47 ADHS-boy    Hello w r u n
(w r u n -> Where are you now. Nice abbreviation!)
22:49 Christian       Going home now
22:50 ADHS-boy    Okk i Wait you in 7
22:52 ADHS-boy    You come to home By ?
22:52 Christian       Walking
22:53 ADHS-boy    Oh my god OO
22:54 ADHS-boy    At klong Toey to home Really?
23:12 ADHS-boy    TT
23:13 Christian       Coming, 7 now
23:13 ADHS-boy    Come too door
23:13 ADHS-boy    I see you
That’s ADHS-boy being 1h 45 minutes early, to compensate for estimated 12 no-show and 1 day 5 h late in the course of 2015.
20:44 ADHS-boy    Hola
20:47 Christian       Hello
20:49 ADHS-boy    What are you doing now
20:50 Christian       Bus to sanam luang
20:50 Christian       And you?
20:50 ADHS-boy    At to working now
20:51 ADHS-boy    With freind
20:51 ADHS-boy    Haha
20:51 ADHS-boy    And sister
20:52 ADHS-boy    ? You going
20:52 Christian       Bus to sanam luang
(deliberately just copy and past from above)
20:53 ADHS-boy    U going to room
20:53 Christian       Bus to sanam luang
(deliberately just copy and past from above)
20:53 ADHS-boy    Ohmm okkk
21:46 ADHS-boy    Holla
22:14 Christian       Hello
22:15 ADHS-boy    What are you doing
22:44 Christian       KlonKlong toey market
22:45 ADHS-boy    Ok
22:45 ADHS-boy    Want to go to room you
22:46 ADHS-boy    Missed Call
22:46 ADHS-boy    Missed Call
22:46 ADHS-boy    [Voice Message]
22:46 Christian       Can
22:47 Christian       Can’t talk now
22:47 ADHS-boy    What time you  come to roon
22:47 ADHS-boy    Room
22:47 ADHS-boy    Missed Call
22:47 Christian       I will be back in 1 hour
22:47 Christian       See you then
22:47 ADHS-boy    Now i’ma here smukpakran now
22:48 ADHS-boy    I will go by bus
22:48 Christian       Yes
22:48 ADHS-boy    Number 25
22:48 Christian       Or 507
22:49 ADHS-boy    I’m at room you for time 01:00
22:49 ADHS-boy    You ok
22:59 Christian       Ok. I’m walking back now. Duo you want too stay over night?
22:59 ADHS-boy    Yes
23:00 ADHS-boy    Ok i go now
23:21 Christian       Home now. Wait for your.
23:41 ADHS-boy    I’ma sorry christian i have to go tormmow time 21:00 tonight my mom she calling me Blak to home now i not free sorry i can’t go tormmow are you ok
23:42 Christian       Ok. Good night.
23:42 X Nov2015   Sorry goodnight see you tormmow
23:42 X Nov2015   [Sticker]
Not unhappy about how that turned out. If he had come, nothing to gain, it would only inconvenience me (stay up and wait for him when I want to sleep) and cost me money. Invited him nonetheless to show my commitment. This is European thinking: adding up good deeds. But I don’t think he tracks realized and failed meetings, so I can as well tell I’m not free when a visit would inconvenience me (and that would be as little as having to wait 1 hour for him to come when I want to go to bed at midnight).


Addendum. Couldn’t make this up. My interpretation of following chat in short: His parents have an argument. He wants to stay at my place over night, and bring his mother along. Alternatively, he needs 2000 Baht to travel with his mother to his home province. Then lowers to 700. Then loses interest.


23:21 ADHS-boy    Where are you
23:21 ADHS-boy    Now
23:21 Christian       Silom
23:21 Christian       And you?
23:21 ADHS-boy    I want to go room you with mom
23:22 Christian       You want to come to my room? I’m free.
23:23 ADHS-boy    Yes tonight i with mom accident…??
23:23 Christian       Mom?
23:23 ADHS-boy    Yes
23:23 Christian       What happened?
23:25 ADHS-boy    Heavy solutions wiht dad now
23:26 ADHS-boy    She cry
23:26 ADHS-boy    She want to go out
23:26 ADHS-boy    With me
23:26 Christian       You want to come with your mom?
23:27 ADHS-boy    Yes but i with mom Know where to go
23:28 Christian       I’m in Silom. Will be home in 1 hour.
23:28 ADHS-boy    Ok
23:28 ADHS-boy    What do you thing
23:28 ADHS-boy    Think
23:29 Christian       Yes, you can stay over night.
23:30 ADHS-boy    But me not sure
23:31 ADHS-boy    I’ma helpless now
23:31 ADHS-boy    Out of ideas
23:37 Christian       I don’t understand.
23:38 ADHS-boy    Christian
23:40 Christian       Write in Thai please.
23:42 ADHS-boy    I want money 2000 baht can you help me
I want to go to Country
23:42 ADHS-boy    With mom
23:42 Christian       No sorry, no money.
23:43 ADHS-boy    Realy
23:44 ADHS-boy    700 baht yes or No
23:45 ADHS-boy    I had the car to the countryside
23:45 Christian       No money. But you can sleep in my room.
23:45 ADHS-boy    But i No money
23:46 ADHS-boy    No i’m in Samut Prakan
23:47 ADHS-boy    Help me help me please
23:47 ADHS-boy    I really TT
23:48 Christian       Take bus. It’s cheap.
23:49 ADHS-boy    Bus routes Now and then
(nothing more)
Haven’t heard from him since. But I’m sure he will be back sometime.
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