Paradise Sauna in Ngamwongwan


Paradise Sauna in Ngamwongwan
พาราไดซ์ ซาวน่า In Ngamwongwan งามวงศ์วาน road, behind Pongpetch พงษ์เพชร market. I take bus from Mor Chit (various lines pass) and get off at Pongpetch intersection (in front of 7/11 branch 8197 ตลาดพงษ์เพชร) and walk 200 m. From Bang Khen railway station 2.0 km by road (to the north-west).
Websites map and directions in Thai. Some of the information (opening times, entry prices) on website is not up-to-date.
According to website, standard entry 140 Baht; 2 pm to 7 pm 120 Baht; under 23 year olds 80 Baht any day any time. Open 14-2 every day. Underwear every day.
Minuscule towel, big locker. Condom 54 mm and lube with every locker. Underwear sale 100 Baht. Nice black porn in one room and white porn in another room (all three visits). Music English classics. Poppers on sale at cashier.

Layout is labyrinthine, two floors and rooftop garden.

Outside areas are candle lit, light in all rooms, cannot dim. Rooftop garden is the greenest I know in saunas. Sauna and steam room only light through glass door.
Saturday 05.09.2015
21:15-22:30, miss end of show. On subsequent visits, I learn that show has been cancelled. Group activity in labyrinth, there is a boy who is 187 cm tall (taller than I, a turn-on!), I end up at the head end of a spit roast, get a great blowjob from the tall boy. At the end, floor is slippery from cum and lube, seems everyone had a great time! (In better light, tall boy is not cute enough to warrant exchanging phone number to meet again.)
Sunday 13.09.2015
19:25-20:57, 140 Baht, 30-50 customers. Learn that show is only on Saturday (then cancelled altogether). Find Jacuzzi hidden behind group showers. Delicious tea (bai toey tom, freshly prepared), but not on subsequent visits.
Thursday 10.12.2015
Stay 18:32-19:36. 140 Baht entry, when I leave I see sign 160 Baht entry (from 7 pm). Up to 20 customers, one cute but not interested. Numbers seemed to increase during my stay. Jacuzzi cold, sauna and steam hot. Free hot and cold soft drinks, cakes and guava.

Promising, will be back some time and update.
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