Gay activities Jan 2016

Gay activities Jan 2016
Seed 00:37-2:57. Up to 20 customers, some cute. Receptionist tells me they have no towels at the moment. Knowing the poor state the showers are in, I showered at home before going. Hook up with a boy in darkroom: brown skin (can judge skin color despite poor light; white skin reflects more light), slim, warm and dry skin. He sucks me, another boy fucks him, others join for groping, wanking, sucking. A little orgy and I’m right in the middle (have my lips on the boy’s neck or shoulders, my hands on his chest, abdomen or butt or the boy who fucks him’s balls).
Unfortunately there is no dedicated cocksucker amongst the audience, several have a try, but none sucks long enough for me to cum (in mouth, everything else would be messy and a waste of cum). However a boy comes over my chest, so I have to go down to reception (nude, with cum on my body) and ask for a towel, fortunately now towels available, and take shower in their very poor facilities (cold water, bucket and scoop). In better light, the boy I had in dark room did not look that inviting. Spend some time on internet, then continue touring the place. Another boy is interested, looks cute and slim, warm and dry skin, so we go on balcony and he fucks me. 

Finally I am getting the concept of darkroom: skin color is not that important, neither is cute face. By chance, discover the switch for fan in top dark room: it’s the automatic fuse below ceiling next to bathroom door (no light at all in bathroom). Considering that nothing else there gets repaired when broken, I could switch it off then break of the handle.
Update: the day after by chance I read their Line, staff posted a message: There is a Farang with big cock, which coincides with my visit.
Continue to Farose 2 3:16-4:42. Over 50 customers, music level in karaoke now bearable without holding my ears when passing through. Several cute boys. 4 adult cats and 3 kitten on rooftop kitchen. Have dinner there, food spicy as usual. Hook up with a cute boy and find a room that has recently been renovated and light works! Spend some quality time there, he wants to fuck me but doesn’t get hard, finally he wanks me and I cum. A very positive encounter, a lot of fore play, dark brown warm and dry skin, great butt, neck, shoulder, chest, abs; however a body hair problem. He seems to be aware of this (pubes shaved but partially grown back, unpleasant feeling on my skin). In Bangkok only one day, from Nakon Sawan. I have been to Nakon Sawan once, will go back on the next occasion! (Update: Went to see the boy on 9.-11.02.2016, everything fine.)
Taxi home, but my day is not over yet. Friend reported he runs in Lumpini park in the morning and there are cute boys. Go for a run 5:27-6:43, number of visitors from over 100 to over 500 estimated, spot two boys I would take for free. (Similar in the evening, I went running around 6 pm a few times, 1000 people in the park and up to 5 so-so boys.) That was the first sunrise I witnessed this year, and I hope it is the only.
Sunday 03.01.2016 Phnom Penh Cambodia
Amam spa. While I take shower, a hand reaches into my shower cubicle. I grope back: slim body, no body hair, warm and dry skin. Follow him to private room (overlooking the internet corner, has enough light). After some foreplay, he beckons me to wait (very limited English, we didn’t speak much) and comes back with condoms and we have a good time.
Later at night an acquaintance from facebook comes to visit me in my room. After some chat he takes action and we have a good time, although I cannot cum again. First boyfriend candidate this year, a Cambodian for a change. First encounter via facebook (he is a friend’s friend and messaged me).
Life is cruel and unjust: two opportunities for sex hours apart, and then days without anything.
Sunday 10.01.2016 Saigon Vietnam
A boy from hornet comes to my room. Bordercase, but he makes the first step so I won’t let him down. Wild and kinky which is not so much my style.
Saturday 16.01.2016
Seed 00:01-01:06. Over 20 customers, some bordercases. Candlelight (for romantique or electrical failure not repaired?). Same staff now (before new staff every time I went). Nude day only partially observed, several customers in underwear.
Farose 2 01:28-04:32. Brimming with over 100 customers throughout my stay. Much more smoking (cigarettes) than ever before, and many customers fully dressed. There is a show (ladyboy lipsync and boys dancing in costumes). Some other Farang. Several bordercases.
One cute boy Tan is fully dressed in disco and smile at me. Later undresses to underwear (nice) and have some touching (warm and dry skin). He dances long time, and I wonder if it’s worth waiting or go home. But then he leaves and does not come back, and I rush through the sauna hoping to find him. Finally, in the floor with rooms I find him and his friends. It takes a while, but then we go to a room and have a nice time. Ask for his locker number so I can put my name card in his locker. No call. The whole episode looks like I have been at the receiving end of a pity fuck.
Missed call from unknown number while I was in Seed. Z is in front of my building and he sees light (but that’s from a friend who stays over night, I tell him I’m in Ramkhamhaeng). When I’m in taxi coming back, call from an unknown number and I don’t recognize the voice. He does not reply his name or location, but tells me he is in front of my building. When I arrive I see Z waiting, he had the security guard call me. That means he waited 4 hours (00:30 to 4:30), because he has nowhere else to go, or everyone else is sleeping already.
He seems to be down emotionally and asks me to hug him, so I give him a long hug. I get stung by mosquitoes and ponder what to do next. He had some alcohol, I can smell it. There is a vacant room in the building (I saw daytime security guard with a potential renter), but nighttime security doesn’t have keys. Z grabs an empty beer bottle from the security guard’s booth and I wonder if he wants to hit me with it, or smash it to threaten me, or cut himself with shards (he has some scars that seem to be from self-harm). Security guard takes it out of his hand. I tell Z he can sleep on the floor (in the hallway, not in my room!) and let him in, give him water and bananas, pillow and duvet. He returns it the morning and leaves.
Later I wonder: if he is really desperate, he could set fire to my bedlinen in front of my wooden door and cause significant disturbance and damage. Who will be liable for the damage?
Sunday 17.01.2016
Meet friend and go to Soi 4 for drink (about 20:30-22:05).
The most popular gay hangout, but it’s a tourist trap. It’s in all guidebooks and internet, and everyone goes there, and so did I religiously during my first holidays, with this nagging impression “What am I doing here? It’s shit! But why are all the others here?” that was confirmed a few months ago by chat with a friend who thinks the same.
Today music level was ok, we didn’t have to shout at each other. Sitting outside, you have fan blowing (I hate air drafts), and if you are particularly unlucky someone on the neighboring table smokes. Crowded on Sunday night (can’t blame them for that). If there is any cute boy, invariably in company of a Farang.
This visit served merely to confirm above findings: Soi 4 is not my style. But I get free gay maps and magazines from there, and walk through when I’m in the area, so once per year it’s appropriate to order a drink.
Then stroll Soi 6, 8, Patpong, Surawong, Twilight. Drink prices have risen since my last stroll in December 2015:
Tawan 400, Screw Boys 300 unchanged, Hotmale 380, Dream Boys 450 (unchanged, but was 500 during highest season), X-Size 360, Classic 350 unchanged, Fresh Boys 380 (now 400 Feb 2016), X-Boys 400.
Proud 66 massage in Surawong is gone. My business with this massage in 2013 is described here:
And there was one particularly persistent boy who used to grab my arm every time I walked past. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
The boys I consider cutest from Bangkok and Bonny Massage and Scorpion bar play pool under X-Size Bar. I have said it before, it’s detrimental for business, a boy who plays pool there does not attract customers to his venue and does not earn money. It might be they had a customer already that day, and at those prices one is all they need and now squander the money?
Tuesday 19.01.2016
Another picture of stolen underwear appears on the boy who tried to steal my camera‘s facebook:

(I have lost track of how many sexy underwear I have, so when I see it on his facebook I think “that’s mine!” and go through my collection and can’t find it.)

Dinner with friend at Yodpiman, then Pak Klong Talad Flower Market, then Bangkok Light of Happiness. Split afterwards, friend goes home, I go to Saranrom.
Saranrom 20:52 -22:03. Count 13 boys, one of them cute. His phone was stolen but I get is facebook. Give the cute boy and a friend 100 Baht each for happy new year.
The area is being gentrified: old buildings have been renovated and now have shops/cafes/restaurants. The amulet market is gone (info from friend, not confirmed). Homeless people who camped there and had a small shop for second hand books (!) and drinks are gone. All detrimental to business.
Taxi home, but get out already at end of Sathorn Soi 1 to walk the rest. Walk past Z who is sitting on the kurb stone with a girl (Thai, about 10 years old?) next to him and nobody else around. He holds his hand out, so I stop and shake it. He points to the girl, so I say and hello and wave to her as well.
“She lost her mum.”
“How did that happen?”
That might be one of his tricks, and neither my rent contract nor my visa status allow me to run an orphanage, and my parole officer wouldn’t be trilled either, so I wave goodbye and leave to their destiny.
At least I thought so. About an hour later, a knock on my door. Can’t see anyone through the peek hole (he did that before, staying on the side so I can’t see him!), chain my door before opening. It’s Z who wants to sleep in front of my room again. I can smell he had a cigarette recently. Hand him pillow, duvet, water, but do not unchain the door.
Another boy will stay with me later that night. When he arrives, the door downstairs is locked, so I throw him my key down through the window and he climbs over sleeping Z to get into my room.
The question is: is Z just trying to manipulate me again or in a real emergency? “Cry wolf” comes to my mind, he has lied and tried to manipulate me so many times.
Other people in the building will notice him in front of my door and might tell my landlord. Better I tell her myself and get a decease note, so I can tell Z my landlord forbids me to let him sleep in front of my room.

In the morning, he is just gone (better than knocking and waking me up!):
Update: asked a Thai friend who works nearby and whom I have seen with Z. He does not know him (Z) well, but thinks he genuinely seems to have no money, no job, no place to stay.
Friday 22.01.2016
Spot Z with new shirt and customer.
Seed 23:21-00:13. Over 20 customers throughout, one bordercase. But the cashier is cute and seems interested, so I give him a hug and we end up having foreplay on the floor behind reception, but don’t take it any further. Exchange Line.
Saturday 23.01.2016
On a research mission for abandoned cinemas, I spot a group of boys near Chan theater. One says hello, so I join for a chat. The cutest of them, Fluk, leaves shortly after by mocy before I can exchange contact information (at least I have his name). (Update: went back two weeks later, the boy was there again, exchange Line.)
Seed 00:27-01:23. Over 20 customers. Nude day, but most customers in towel. I found some activated light sticks in front of (former Lumpini boxing stadium, had a music festival that night) and brought them to Seed and spread them in dark areas. Now the bathroom on top floor is usable with light stick (before there was no light at all).
Farose 2 01:47-03:29. Busy, there is a show about 2 to 3 am. Several nice underwear or nice bodies. 

Monday 25.01.2016
Chatted up some cute Burmese boys at Klong Toey market in Dec 2015 and exchanged Line. One of them SL wants to practice English, and today is the day. Agree to meet at his workplace. He isn’t there when I arrive, but comes about 15 minutes later. He wants to go to my room (his room is too small or dirty), that’s a first. 

On the way to bus stop, one of his friends YY joins us (that must have been planned, if I had taken him another way, what then?), which is fine for me, the more the merrier. SL can read and write English, but doesn’t know Thai; whereas YY can speak (but not read and write) Thai, but doesn’t know English. We spend about 1.5 hours in my room talking in slow and basic English (I and SL, YY quiet). 

I wouldn’t throw either of them out of bed to let my dog in, but I was hitting on another boy YW (had his Line, but he has gone quiet) who is gorgeous. SL stays with 3 friends, have to try to get access to their room next time. Offer them hot shower in my bathroom, free WiFi, internet, whatever.

Update Feb: 3 failed meetings (chat the day before and again in the morning, intention to meet, then slow in reply, message read and not answered, no show). At least it comes at no opportunity cost: the boys work 8pm to 6am, so we meet around 10am-12, a time where I’m alone in my room and I’m not missing anything waiting for him in vain.
Wednesday 27.-Sunday 31.01.2016

Narathiwat and Pattani, separately.

8 sauna visits 4 x Seed, 3 x Farose 2, Amam Spa Phnom Penh, (many more in Vietnam, will be posted separately)
1 boy from facebook in Phnom Penh
1 boy from hornet in Saigon 

1 visit to Saranrom
5 free sex, no paid sex.
No gogo bar, no massage, no prostitution!
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