Attractions in Sukhirin district

Attractions in Sukhirin district Narathiwat province

Abandoned gold mine Tomo
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Gold panning 
When I was there, no gold panning due to rain. Here information poster from Sukhirin palace:


I saw the boats and equipment and instructors nearby, but have no interest. Only for gold panning I would go into water.

Sukhirin palace
5.9410415,101.7737002 = 5°56’27.8″N 101°46’25.3″E
Palace of the King’s mother, currently not in use.

Phra That Phu Khao Thong พระธาตุภูเขาทอง
5.8003156,101.7596257 = 5°48’01.1″N 101°45’34.6″E


There is simple accommodation around the Wat and I was invited to stay over night for free to watch Sea of Fog in the valley the following morning, but I had a schedule to follow.

ผู้พิชิดปลายด้ามขวานทอง – The winner who explores last peak of the south border of the golden axe (explanation see below). He who travels all the way to here has conquered the very end of the golden axe.

Border to Malaysia
5.7939566,101.7493369 = 5°47’38.2″N 101°44’57.6″E
Not a border crossing, just a watch tower.

The brown wooden sign says สุดด้ามขวานทอง (name of sponsor in smaller print)The very end of the handle of the golden axe. Axe refers to the shape of Thailand on map, golden to the fact that there is gold found all over Thailand. List of places that have gold in their name here:
“Very end” is not correct, in Yala province there are spots even further south.

Rocket festival
There is a large population from Isan in Sukhirin province, they hold the only rocket festival in the south: 

People I met there did their utmost to make me feel welcome and support my trip and invited me to come again and bring friends.

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