Gay activities in Narathiwat and Pattani


Gay activities in Narathiwat and Pattani



Trip to the utmost south of Thailand. Locals mostly speak Yawi, but switch to Thai when talking with me. All conversation took place in Thai, English translation for my readers. Religion predominantly Muslim. Plenty of cute boys around. Not a single other Farang tourist. Goat roam around freely in the towns.



Thursday 28.01.2016


Stay in Sukhirin (town in mountain/forest area). Small town to begin with, and that little is spread out. Nothing interesting at night. There is one 7/11, I have dinner nearby and then chat with locals. As elsewhere, 7/11 is where everyone goes at night to buy stuff, and I spot several cute boys coming and going by mocy.



Friday 29.01.2016


Stay in Tak Bai (town on Gulf of Thailand at Malaysian border). Here again stretched out, unsuitable for walking. But there is a bridge (Saphan Koh Yao) to an island with beaches, and this is where local youth hangs out at night or passes on way to/from island.



Chat up 3 boys with 2 mocy (important to check these numbers!). I tell them I am going to eat, they offer to take me to a nearby restaurant. 2 boys on one mocy, other boy and I on other mocy. My arm around his abdomen, no resistance. Should have asked them where exactly they will take me, because they drive me right back to where I came from (resort where I stay with attached restaurant). Ask them to take me back to bridge (saw restaurants there) and then say goodbye.



Have dinner and linger around bridge. More local youth passing bridge or sitting and talking at one of the ends (there are nice pavilions with benches).



A mocy with two ladyboys and one cute boy drives past, they wave back to me and stop. We have a long chat in the middle of the bridge (where it is narrow, everyone who wants to pass on mocy has to slow down, and there are a lot of cute boys passing). I hold my hands in front of my crotch every time a mocy passes, when they ask me why I do so I stand next to their mocy to point out that the handlebar is same height as my crotch and say “อันตรายถึงควย” – “Dangerous for cock” (based on warnings on electrical installations “อันตรายถึงชีวิต” – “Dangerous for Life”). They get the joke.



After about half an hour, I get to stand next to the cute boy Marvin and put my hand around his waist. He says “no-no” and moves away. Nonetheless, exchange facebook.



Note on facebook generalized from many encounters: Their profile names are often arbitrary strings of letters, numbers, symbols and they have problems finding their profile when searching for it on my phone. With name on facebook not their real name (or nickname) and arbitrary profile picture, I have problems assigning profile to person. Nonetheless, facebook is great to spy on them, and a safer way to stay in contact than mobile phone number (mobile phone numbers change far more often than facebook accounts; even facebook is not safe, recently I read “new facebook account, forgot password for old facebook account”).



Similar applies to Line: profile picture and name displayed (unless it the name under which I saved the phone number) do often not allow me know who it is.



I wonder what is going on on the island, with all this traffic coming and going and as far as I can see nothing apart from some sheds where people live.


“What are all these people doing on the island?”




“But it’s dark!”


“The water is wet nonetheless!”



They offer me a ride home (the two ladyboys; the cute boy stays) and we say goodbye.



Saturday 30.01.2016


Stay in Narathiwat town. Walk at the beach, there is a small music festival, chat with some boys, but nothing interesting.



Then near my hotel, in park on the river shore, large number of local youth (over 20 boys and 2 girls, groups form and dissolve), walk past and stop for chat when one of them says hello to me. Several cute.



The atmosphere is full of sexual energy, but I can’t channel it into my room. The girls get groped, hugged, even kissed and chased around; feminists would be outraged. (I witnessed similar once in Bangkok, too.) A gang-bang waiting to happen? The girl seems to be one boy’s girlfriend, he might get to fuck her later, but what are all the others waiting for? Why doesn’t the girl leave? (That would put her alone on the street, probably she came by mocy with someone?)



Spend a total of about 2 hours with them, chatting and observing and waiting for something interesting to happen (some shirtless, and one seemed to have a boner), but then go home alone.



I am looking for gay-for-pay, but must disguise it so it looks neither gay nor pay.



With hindsight I should have said: “I go home now. Do you want to come? My room is free, I have condoms.” (ห้องว่าง มีถุงยาง rhymes in Thai). And then, if necessary, take out condom from my pocket to have something to talk about.



I have these ideas only afterwards, and despite thinking long what I should have said or done, it’s back to zero every encounter.



One of the boys pointed out that like me he doesn’t smoke or drink, but likes to play with girls เล่นหญิงยางเดียว. Next time I’m offered cigarettes or alcohol, I might say: ไม่สูบบุหรี่ ไม่ดื่มเหล้า เล่นควยยางเดียว “I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t drink alcohol, but I like to play with cock” which is deliberately ambiguous (my cock or someone else’s?).



Sunday 31.01.2016


Stay in Pattani. Town on the coast of Gulf of Thailand, but I only came as far as park along the river flowing into gulf when a group of local boys, several cute, chat me up. They want to see pictures I took during day. When I open file manager on my phone, it plays gay porn which I immediately switch off, but judging by their verbal expression everyone saw what was going on. (My mistake: I didn’t shut it down last time, only closed it.)



One of the cute boys Wee is talkative and suggested we go to a nearby tourism festival. Surprise, he has a motorbike with sidecar and all 10 of us fit on it. I sit behind him with arm around abdomen. 

Pattani boys at tourism festival:


At the festival, he puts his hand around my waist and I put my hand on his shoulder, later around his waist or even hold hand. We separate several times (where it’s easier to walk alone) and then get together again. He asks if he can come to my room and stay over night. In my one track mind, this can only mean one thing – I wouldn’t put my hand around anyone’s waist or ask if I can come and stay in his room unless I want to have sex with him.



And indeed, Wee and one friend (looks ok) come to my room. Wee takes off his shirt, switches on aircon and TV. Rummages in my bag with sanitary items, finds condom and asks what I need a condom for. I’m perplexed and can only reply “condom”. From the way Wee talked to staff in my hotel as well, I can say he is an alpha male and degraded me to beta in my own room! I switch my phone to airplane mode because I expect him to fall over me immediately with friend joining for a threesome, and don’t want to be disturbed by any call or message.



We lie on my bed, his friend is sitting on sofa and watching TV. Wee has a call on his phone which is in Thai and which is relationship problems with a girl. The call lasts over 1 hour (!!!), during which I lie next to him, put my hand on his knee and up his upper thigh, or on his abdomen, or hold his hand, all without any reaction from him, waiting for this damn call to end!



Suddenly 21:36 he gets up. I thought it’s related to the one mosquito flying around, but he (still shirtless) and his friend leave without saying a word. Minutes later I join them on the floor to find out what’s going on, they heard a noise (I didn’t) and want to find out where it comes from, even involving hotel staff.



Back in my room, the damn call continues. Wee falls asleep several times, only to resume when he wakes up. Then around 11 pm he tells me he is hungry and asks for money for food. They leave phone behind for charging. I read, waiting for them to come back.



Around 23:50 I go down to check at reception and have a look outside. When going back, receptionist asks me if I have enough water (subconsciously I think he is gay and hitting on me). Minutes after back in my room, down to underwear, a knock on the door. It’s the receptionist with a bottle of water. He enters my room and closes the door (that can only mean one thing), puts the water in the fridge and praises my white skin. I just smile and thank him for the compliment and point out weak sunburn as detraction. Then he proceeds to play with my nipples, and checks if I’m hard. Now I can without doubt say he is gay and hitting on me, but he is not my type at all! I thank him for the water and open the door, he gets the message and leaves. (I would have asked the following day if there is any gay-for-pay action in Pattani, but he was absent the morning, probably night shift.)



Around 00:30 I give up waiting for the boys. Chain my door, but leave it unlocked (so they have to wake me up when they come back and can’t sneak in unnoticed).



Finally 5:20 the boys come back, with a third boy. I was awake anyway because in hearing distance someone had a domestic argument (actually I could only hear one person shouting, but could not understand). The third boy spends extensive time in my bathroom, emerges fully dressed and leaves 6:10. Both boys asleep, Wee now in nice boxers.



One of their phones (on charger) is ringing loudly about every 10 minutes. Both boys asleep, I’m lying awake. Put a towel on the phone which lowers the volume a bit, but finally 7 am switch the phone off. The boy who sleeps on the sofa is rummaging at his crotch, I knee next to him trying to get a peek, but it’s too dark. Try to get some more sleep.



Around 8:30 Wee continues his call, falling asleep several times with phone on his ear. I get my hand into his boxers, either up from thigh to balls and cock, or in from waistband, or rubbing his erection from outside. (I would like darker and warmer skin, but it won’t get any better now).



I get myself hard, playing with me and him at the same time. But those boxers limit access (he is lying on his back; before lying on the side I could feel butt nice shape as well), I try to take them off. He wakes up (or was awake and played possum before) and tells me not to touch him and he doesn’t like man. He is surprised at my nudity ไม่อายหรือ.



I make some further weak attempts, even offer 500 Baht for wanking (but don’t understand the answer), then give up. (Compare the construction work in June 2015 who was too intimidated to say NO.)

I’m hungry, so is he. I get food from 7/11 and on return find my hotel room locked. Have to knock and answer “Who is there?” to get into my room!



Around 10 am, two more boys join. I leave to go sightseeing (and leave the boys and my luggage in my room). When I come back in the afternoon, everyone gone.



I thought it can’t get any stranger than Sangkhlaburi last year (chat with boy in his room, then his grandparents come back earlier than expected and I have to remain quiet in his room about 8 pm till midnight to wait for them to go to bed and fall asleep until I can sneak out unnoticed), but this is a new low! Unless you consider having my hands on the boy’s balls and rubbing his erect cock a step up from merely hugging the boy in Sangkhlaburi.



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