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what do Thai boys think about Tattoos

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what do Thai boys think about Tattoos
Sun 16 Apr, 2006 12:51 am

hey guys. I am back in LOS in 6 days. I have a new b/f after splitting with my previous one after 4 years. I have only been seeing my new b/f since November , 2 trips. we get along great and he is great in the bedroom department, however, I have told him I am 5% butterfly, i do not want to get trapped like before when previous b/f got possessive and lazy. My new b/f is from issan and is 21 (I am 38 from UK). he does not have any tattoos but I think boys with tattoos look great and very sexy. I plan to go for short time when back in BKK, which is best bar for tattooed boys? My new b/f has said if i want he will have tattoo 4 me but I will not let him make that sort of commitment just for me, nice gesture but tattoos are for life not just to keep a farlang. any advice?
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