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Mon 7 May, 2012 11:07 pm

Well after having spent a month in LOS with a week break to China to see the Wall and Statues, I can say unequivocally,if i can, that you must make the most of you time and make you own fun. I went into a lot of clubs and bars and spots. Some were rather empty and others not so. At times i had a friend and some i did not. But what i liked was that i saw and did what i wanted to. I saw the guys come into a place, look around. see that it was empty and run away. Well if they had stayed it would have been more full. Certainly the boys were willing to do whatever and you had all kinds of choices My kind of place was Mic My. Tom Yum and the like so you know where my tastes were. But then if the boys in Tom Yum were loose and forward so that you didn't have to make the first move then maybe other places could get their boys to be more forward and cuddly. I guess my point is that you have to step out and do it and not wait till it hits you in the head. I saw many a Farang enjoying the nite life so I'd say all is ok. Yes there are bar closings and such..that is the sign of the economy. Id venture to say that the tastes still run to the young side to be real, But then it is not my business money.
One thing I did want to mention was that I do not think the new Monty's will last as the menu is somewhat the sameish.
Oh yes I did have a chance to have a great tasting bottle of wine while I was there and share with friends. Opus !, 1999. It was great Neal. Thanks
Well that is my tidbit of info...make your own fun..oh yes Songkran in Pattaya is the best.Never saw so many people having such a good real fun time.

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