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young boy at orphanage had ugly birthmark removed

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This story has been ongoing on the website and several members have exchanged PM and email. I am cutting and paste from Dons website and GTT

We have been posting updates on the young boy 'Pan' who lives at the HauyPhong children's home and who had a very unsightly birthmark on his face, something that in Thai culture is seen as very bad luck. After a series of hospital visits we (PSKSP) arranged and paid for an operation to be carried out to remove the birthmark. This was done on 6th August and 'Pan' is now back at the home waiting for the wound to heal. A follow-up visit to the hospital is scheduled for August 12th to learn the results of a biopsy that the hospital are doing to check that the growth was not cancerous.

Our thanks go to Richard in Pattaya who has liaised with the home on our behalf and helped this operation happen.


later post
I should have said that the cost of the boy's operation has been paid from money raised locally for PSK in the joint Tingtong/Venue fundraising events.

I will again mention Richard who has been the liaison between PSK and Hauy Phong and without who it would have taken a lot longer to bring this boy's wish for the growth to be removed from his face to fruition. Quite honestly PSK has done little other than exchange emails with Richard and Hauy Phong whilst the hard work has been down to Richard, so credit where credit is due.

We are now keeping our fingers crossed that the biopsy on the growth that was removed proves negative.

this might answer questions about where the profit if any from GTT goes

God news just received
17th August 2010. We have today heard that the results of the biopsy to check if there were any cancerous cells has proved negative, so 'Pan' has been given the all-clear by the hospital.

photos of the boy before and after and a beautiful thank you note are available
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Great, well done guys.
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That's awesome, good to hear that there's lots of caring people out there. Kudos
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