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Flooding in Cambodia

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Flooding in Cambodia
Sun 20 Nov, 2011 9:25 am

We hear quite a lot about the flooding in Thailand, however, there has been extensive flooding elsewhere in SE Asia including Cambodia. I have not looked for news of the Cambodia flooding but this morning some came across my desktop (quoted).

From the pictures in another post (siem-reap-october-2011-t22466.html) I infer that this flooding centered on the Tonle Sap region, a short drive from Siem Reap, has affected Siem Reap but not to the great extent of flooding implied in the recent (2 days old) satellite imagery attached comparing the current state of flooding in Thailand with that of Cambodia.

Silent flood misery for 1.8M in Cambodia, Vietnam

Published: Nov 17, 2011

CHAKTO LORK, Cambodia (AP) - Hang Davi's life now depends on her husband's luck. If he catches fish in the stagnant floodwaters that have turned her Cambodian village into a lake, the family eats. If not, they go to bed hungry and pray his losing streak won't last another day.

For two months Davi has waited for the filthy water to retreat, as it does every year, so she can work in the surrounding rice fields. But the stubborn brown pool has continued to lap high against the bamboo ladder leading into her tiny stilt shack, trapping her inside.

She and about 1.8 million people across Cambodia and Vietnam are currently suffering a silent misery from the worst flooding in a decade. Thailand's flood crisis has received extensive media coverage, especially as the waters inch toward central Bangkok, but less attention has been paid to its much poorer neighbors, where many rural families still waiting for water levels to drop have received little or no aid from their governments or international organizations.

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