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Avoid Filou Bar

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Avoid Filou Bar
Sun 3 Dec, 2006 12:57 am

The owner of the Filou bar must be one of the nastiest men in Pattaya.

Last week, I sat at one of the outdoor tables and had very pleasant conversations with a number of boys. I bought them all drinks and ended up offing one of them two nights in a row. The owner was not in evidence. He was tending to the show taking place inside.

This week, hoping to repeat the pleasant experience, I returned, sat down at a table, and began talking to one of the boys whose acquaintance I had made the week before. I hadn’t been there more than two minutes when the owner, a rude and abrasive German, moved two customers from the bar directly to the table I was sitting at. He sat them down next to me and told the boy to talk to them. When I asked why, he loudly said I hadn’t bought a drink. I found that highly embarrassing. As I said, I had been at the table less than two minutes and no one had taken my order. I certainly had not intended to sit there without having a drink.

I was not only shocked at his rudeness to me, but by the snarling, ugly way he told the boy to speak to the (German) customers who had usurped my table. The boy was deeply upset, and so were his mates. It seems like the owner regularly forces them to chat with customers that he chooses. He treats his staff like animals.

This man has no respect for his customers or his boys. Unless you want to find out how the Gestapo would run a boy bar, stay away from Filou.

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Sun 3 Dec, 2006 1:39 am

Hi Brook' bridge, I know the guy you mean. I once had a run in with him myself. Tried almost the same with me, but i told him to behave or reap the wind that followed. Im 6'6 tall and am 244lbs so he new when to back off. I didnt see him the rest of the night. The boy with me said he always trys to look big in front of his German friends.
Anyway i just upped and left, never to return,
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Sun 3 Dec, 2006 3:04 am

They don't change do they ( The Germans) they tried to take over Europe twice and failed They are trying to take over Pattaya and will fail.
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Sun 3 Dec, 2006 3:08 am

allieb wrote:They don't change do they ( The Germans) they tried to take over Europe twice and failed They are trying to take over Pattaya and will fail. I think this cunt from Filou should be packed off on a train to the showers.

So you are not better than the NAZI's , sad .
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... along with every other bar in Pattaya (not to mention Niddy's Nook and the hambugger of the Year if not the decade)
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but never mind..the world's your oyster in's his loss, not yours. Remember that when you take your patronage elesewhere.

It's not a "German" thing either. A lot of Germans own a variety of businesses in Pattaya and there a plenty of very helpful and charming hosts amongst them.
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Re: yep
Sun 3 Dec, 2006 10:36 am

donny-darko wrote:Im 6'6 tall and am 244lbs

What a coincidence! Same stats as JollyJackTar!
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Re: Germans..
Mon 4 Dec, 2006 12:11 am

catawampuscat wrote:...It would be hard to find a more pleasant or welcoming host than...:cat:

And you forgot to mention Helmut at Luxor, who is charming and delightful (not to mention a wonderful chef).

I only went to Filou once -- the owner did seem a bit rough looking, but he did shout me a schnapps when I tried to leave (I suppose that we must have had a large-ish bar billl).
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Re: Avoid Filou Bar
Mon 4 Dec, 2006 4:41 pm

quote: "brooklynbridge" "The owner of the Filou bar must be one of the nastiest men in Pattaya.
This man has no respect for his customers or his boys. It seems like the owner regularly forces them to chat with customers that he chooses. He treats his staff like animals."

There seems to be several meanings to the word, Filou. Someone told me Filou means a fluffy little thing or soft part of bread, in (Another?) language Filou (Slang) derives from the word for, file, (tool) meaning something that can be cut and sharpened & means, pickpocket and\or refers to a thief's need to hide his intentions from one he intends to rob.
Le Monsieur Filou, the owner of Filou bar, will grin like a feces-eating dog, as he moves a boy away from a customer who has just bought the boy a drink\may want to off him, and order the boy to sit with one of Le Monsieur Filou's friends, who has no intention of doing anything but groping the boy. He did it to me 4 years ago. The boy was polite enough to leave the, untouched, boy-drink (Flat cola & water.) which I was, of course, charged for.

I found another reference to, Filou, that claims it is (French?) slang for\to do with saying, "Why so long?"
In the past four years I suppose I've spent, conservatively, enough in Pattaya bars to pay the rent on Filou for a year. I doubt it matters a flying yedt to Le Monsieur Filou that Le Monsieur Filou hasn't had a baht of it but it matters to me that I can take my custom to where I am well treated, and deprive him of it or the satisfaction of picking my pocket again.

I have been told by a several expats and a few boys who have worked at Filou that 'boss' often hangs out a Closed\For Sale sign & shuts down just before payday, to get out of paying what he owes the boys.
Reminds me a bar, long gone, on Soi 14, I think, between Road 2 & Walking Street. Was it called Connections?
The farang owner played dirty trick on the boys. One boy decided to get even. The owner ended up dead.
I wonder if the police ever found the boy who stabbed him to death.
I hope not.
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Filou Bar
Tue 5 Dec, 2006 2:07 am

Is this Bar on the corner facing Topman or am I thinking of the wrong place?
A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.
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Tue 5 Dec, 2006 7:19 am

Soi VC, Sunee Plaza, South Pattaya, Chonburi
038 713525

Next door to "Eldorado Guest House". I only know that cuz I found an image of it online. I've thankfully never visited the place, and now definitely won't. ... =x300d8630

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Tue 5 Dec, 2006 10:50 am

Indeed Sirius; Le Filou in French has several meanings none which are flattering. For example, The Sneak(thief), Pickpocket, Scamp, Rascal, Rogue, Crook. Not a very welcoming name for a bistro or cafe. But maybe Filou is a mispelling which happens in Thailand. For instance, Le Filon would mean The Goldmine. But thanks for the alerte.
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I too had a similar negative experience with the owner last year when I simply asked one of the boys a question regarding directions. I did not realize asking for a little help was a major crime for this bar owner. I would have been happy to sit and have a drink with the boy after he so graciously helped me - but DEFINITELY not after being treated bad by the bar owner. So much for customer service....
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