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American Idol Homophobia

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Re: American Idol Homophobia
Fri 12 Jun, 2009 9:21 am

...and Colin Powell?
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Re: American Idol Homophobia
Fri 12 Jun, 2009 9:55 pm

mlomker wrote:
kittyboy wrote:Maybe Prez Obama was so well qualified or appeared to be that race was not an issue.

Are there that many racist Democrats? When the Republicans finally put a woman or person of color in office, then perhaps one could make a statement.

Racism is not my area of expertise but I am sure there are lots and lots of racist democrats. Whether it is more prominent in one party of another I do not know. However, the Democratic Party in the US appears to be more open and inviting to black people.

Blacks are about 13% of the US population whites are about 75%.
My understanding is that about 10% of black voters in the US votes republican and they represent about 1% or 2% of the Republican Party. Rice and Powell were appointed not elected, the republicans do not have a very good record or attracting or electing public officials of color.

This is getting a bit outside of my area of expertise but one explanation for people of color that become prominent in the Republican Party is tokenism. A well known sociologist named Kanter studied the idea of tokenism in the workplace. Again this is a very basic explanation of the topic, but tokenism is pretty much what it sounds like, it is policies or practices of limited inclusion of members of a minority group, creating a false appearance of inclusive practices. A few people of a particular underrepresented demographic are given prominent positions and trotted out as examples of inclusiveness. For the Republican Party in the US, Rice and Powell would be their tokens. If you looked at the overall numbers the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white.
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